Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspiring Women: Tammy Lee Bradley: Blissful Creative

On my wall is a calendar full of photographs titled Florida Life. It includes expansive views such as seascapes, beach houses surrounded by azure sky and untamed greenery, and startlingly precise shots of sea urchins and pebbles on the sand. The photographer is Tammy Lee Bradley who describes herself on her blog as “wandering through life in search of moments of Bliss & Folly.”

There, as well as a diary of her creative journey and moments of joy and discovery from being a wife, mother and “creative cheerleader,” as Tammy also writes. Generosity towards and collaboration with like-minded artists is characteristic of her as the founder of Mortal Muses and her participation in Shutter Sisters and Paper Coterie.

Tammy has converted her photos from Instagram into web tableaux via Followgram, as well as her whimsical iPad doodles. Hard to choose favorites, but here’s one for perspective, light, elegance and interesting color scheme; beach bliss looks like a watercolor; a colorful creative project with her son; the fearful symmetry of the ferris wheel; and the new member of their family here and here.

Tammy has great instincts, timing, an eye for beauty, and an open heart. I’m happy to have met you online, Tam.

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