Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspiring Women: Stacey Curnow: Midwife

I’m grateful for Stacey especially for her 30 Days to Inner Peace which I tried earlier this year and it has motivated me to meditate and exercise every day, practices which I have seldom missed since receiving Stacey’s kind and encouraging daily prompts. In these Stacey wrote honestly about her own struggles and showing self-care and redirecting her efforts, which helped me treat myself with kindness and eventually gain some consistency that was previously lacking.

Stacey’s own stories exemplify her teaching. Her perseverance with getting accepted into a program for midwifery (it took her four tries) is a compelling story that she translates into steps for setting goals and following through, including a clear goals; steps for action broken down into small, actionable steps; not being dissuaded by misunderstanding or negative feedback from others; and getting support from sympathetic people in one’s life.

And she’s willing to take risks, once leaving a clinic where she worked as a midwife to volunteer in Mexico with Doctors Without Borders to improve her Spanish and eventually devote herself to serving the Latina population in the U.S., finding a “dream job” that also allowed her to spend time with her family. Recently, Stacey saw that she’d grown “less-than-satisfied” with her then-current job and took another leap, resigning to devote all her time to Midwife for Your Life coaching and workshops. In a related piece she describes her dialog with her “Inner Critic,” portraying as one of several potential sources of guidance. Similarly, Stacey shares this simple exercise on cultivating intuition awareness.

These are great stories. Stacey’s helped a lot of women give birth through her first midwifery practice and who knows how many she will help give birth to their dreams through her second midwifery practice.


  1. Wow, Garrett! I'm surprised and delighted that you featured my work in your blog!!

    It's wonderful to hear that you've maintained the mindfulness practices you learned from the Inner Peace program! I hope you are giving yourself a ton of credit for such an awesome accomplishment!

    I'm so glad to know about your blog and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and your help and encouragement, Stacey.

  2. Garrett,
    Thanks for writing about your experience and Stacey's! I am a therapist in Wilmington, NC and came across your blog when I googled Inspiring People & Midwives! And to find an article written by a man just made it all the better find!