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February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

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"Eternity is in love with the productions of time." William Blake


The Global Knowledge Exchange Network relaunched this week. From the efforts of Mary Lee Kennedy and Gosia Stergios of Baker Library, Harvard Business School, in collaboration with colleagues from Copenhagen, this online community furthers the discussion of scholarly communication issues, disruptive technology and new paradigms in information. Knols serve as bodies of knowledge and jumping off points for conversation. Speakers and webcasts to follow. It is an openly accessible community. Congratulations to Mary Lee and Gosia!

E-Library Economics

Two forthcoming CLR studies on the cost of self space and electronic content delivery are considered.

(Source: Resourceshelf)

The Intrepid Cooker

(Source: Christopher Shea)


(Source: Christina Pikas)

Enabling collaboration and discovery between scientists across all disciplines.

The scientist and the smartphone

How to store and organize cats

(Source: Amanda McNeil)

Women's Ice Hockey Takes Beanpot Title

Harvard women hand Northeastern their heads on hot platters.

Top 20 Most Romantic Movies

What I Am Reading

(Source: Melissa Keiser)

How to Install Google Analytics

(From ResourceShelf on patents)
patents searching: India: patents +Scirus
Wikipedia citations in patents up 59 percent #Wikipedia #patents #citations #resourceshelf

Use and Abuse of Power

On a new publishing model

(Source: sciencebase)

Harvard launches innovation contest for type 1 diabetes

What digital natives want from their library

Da future

(Source: Helen Curry)

Stop selling scarcity

(Source: Nahum Gershon)

Ramona Islam's Library Thing Bookshelf

(Source: Academic Library Learning Network)

At the Zoo
Zebras are reactionaries, Antelopes are missionaries

God's plan is best - MW




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